DJ Dario, an established and successful entertainer, has developed a reputation for rockin’ some of Arizona’s major night clubs and largest events. Originally raised in Phoenix, DJ Dario has been at it in this competitive industry and market for the last 6 and half years, where he also received his degree from Arizona State University. His determination and strive to be one of the top DJs in Arizona has shown in the last few years. With his amazing talent and unique promotional background, DJ Dario has been able rise and be considered one of the top rated DJ’s in the state. His local fans can hear him mixing live during the “Dale Mix” on 95.1 Latino Vibe Monday through Friday starting at 9 pm. Additionally, DJ Dario is the owner and master mind behind AZ Party Rockers, a DJ / Production / Promotions company which has risen and been recognized as one of the most successful of its kind in Arizona. Recently, he was awarded the 2010 Stylos Award for Best DJ.

DJ Dario has also performed out of Arizona in venues such as Club Recess in Philadelphia, and the Ice House and Peñasco Del Sol in Rocky Point, Mexico. His diversity and ability to work with such a varying demographic, has allowed him to create a diverse and considerably large fan base.

DJ Dario has managed to achieve great popularity in the entertainment industry, and continues to grow locally, while striving to become a nationally recognized entertainer. Overall, two words describe DJ Dario: PASSION and AMBITION.